Oscar Correa received a call this week from a lady that saved his business card for over four years (!!!)

This lady wants to sell her house and buy a condo.  She wants Oscar to represent her on both transactions.  She mentioned that her daughter wants a bigger home so she wants Oscar to connect with her also.

She explained to Oscar how they met.  Oscar had to search his memory bank intensely.  He then remembered how at the time, he was struggling to get through a neighborhood's automatic gate.  He had a set appointment.  As he was doing everything he could with no results, this lady, who lived across the street from the entrance, offered to help.  She allowed him in.

Oscar proceeded to show the house and on his way out, he took note of the kind woman's address.  He then mailed her a thank you card along with his business card and a Starbuck's Gift Card.

This simple act of gratitude and acknowledgement has created the potential of four transactions for Oscar, four years later, and no doubt, a very solid relationship with this lady and her sphere of influence.  Congrats Oscar Correa!!

Never underestimate the power of kindness, gratitude, time and impeccable manners.

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