CEO Montachem International

Beatriz Martinez is a top notch real estate professional who understands and empathizes with her customers' needs. She is always well prepared and documented while paying extreme attention to details which is a quality necessary to handle effectively multimillion dollar transactions.. Her results oriented approach, "class", business ethics and honesty make her an ideal partner in any business venture. 


Manager Finance & Business at Crystal Luxury Air and Crystal AirCruises

BJ is a very talented Real Estate professional. She knows very well the market and understands how to work things for both buyer and seller. I highly recommend her as your Realtor.


Owner/Operator at Urban Indoor Properties / Quad Indoor Sports

One sad thing about the completion of my most recent transaction involving BJ Martinez is that I now expect no further business dealings with BJ in the near future. 
I want all to know that BJ has been an absolute pleasure to work with during my condo-investor-ownership years. In my own humble opinion, BJ's professionalism and personal nature has been simply perfect, especially considering the inconveniences and complications of my being an out-of-state landlord. My only regret in our relationship is that I never got a chance to meet BJ in person and let her know directly how much I appreciated her handling of my affairs with this FL property over the years.
While it is highly unlikely, I know that if I was ever again to be in need of realtor type services in Fort Lauderdale that BJ Martinez would be my FIRST CALL.


Chief Executive Officer at Dollar General

I had the pleasure of working with BJ this year with a very important personal Realestate transaction. BJ's professional accuman was very apparent as she navigated my transaction flawlessly. She went above and beyond on at least three separate occasions during the due diligence period, as well as after the transaction was completed. I can not think of anyone that is more response and knowledgable about south florida real estate--- and would not hesitate to call on her again! 


Central Beach Alliance (CBA), Director and Liaison to City Gov't.

Beatriz, or as everyone calls her BJ, is very well hooked in to the better apartments and homes on Fort Lauderdale beach. She does her homework and gets results. As a resident here for many years, she also cares about the area and participates in the community organization. A respected asset to our beach, thank you BJ.


President of Jornee, Inc.

Beatriz is a woman of great class, exceptional intelligence and superior attention to detail. It is pleasure to watch her expertly mangage both the "big picture" and the smallest details. Working with Beatriz is simply a pleasure.


Senior Technology Architect at Accenture

I met BJ when searching for an apartment in the Fort Lauderdale area. She was very helpful, knowledgeable, resourceful, and professional. She truly knows the area, and stays active in the community. I recommend her to anyone needing her services


Owner, Bozarth CM

She has an amazing knowledge of her market. She is my South East go to person.



Owner,  Your Gatekeeper

Beatriz Martinez is a top notch real estate professional who understands and empathizes with her customers' needs. She is always well prepared and documented while paying extreme attention to details which is a quality necessary to handle effectively multimillion dollar transactions.. Her results oriented approach, "class", business ethics and honesty make her an ideal partner in any business venture.BJ Martinez-Prillaman has been extremely helpful in helping me sell my luxury condo in Fort Lauderdale Florida. BJ is attentive, graceful, professional and passionate about her clients' experience. 
I have recently sold a property from Chicago and Ms.Martinez facilitated the entire deal for me   effortlessly. Her team keeps their eyes and hands on the project from start to finish. 
I would recommend BJ Martinez-Prillaman to friends and family and hope I have an opportunity to work with her in the future.


Realtor Associate, ONE Sotheby's International Realty

I will begin by saying that I feel blessed to know and have BJ Martinez-Prillaman as my Broker, friend, and mentor. She is outstanding in all that she does for the business and for all of her agents. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, supportive, and truly cares about the betterment of all. She bends over backwards to help anyone and everyone. She has the innate ability to have ONE Sotheby's interest and her Realtors interests both at the same time. She is a rare breed and everyone is better off for knowing her.


CEO Cardiff International - FranCnsult

BJ Martinez-Prillaman is an extremely proactive sales team leader and consummate real estate professional. I have had the great pleasure to work with BJ for several years. She provides personal attention and service that exceeds expectations, working tirelessly to support her associates, their clients, and the “Sotheby’s” Brand. BJ leads through example and provides incredible support that has earned the respect of all her peers. Her knowledge of the South Florida Real Estate Market is exemplary, she always goes the extra mile providing much more than just required services. 

BJ has time and again demonstrated excellent customer focus and service, excellent market knowledge, an amazing work ethic, and genuine personal and professional integrity. BJ Martinez-Prillaman is a person of high ethical, moral, and professional standards, which is reflected in her work. As such, her outstanding client focus and personal service, impressive market knowledge, outstanding work ethic, and high level of integrity serves all well. BJ has earned my highest recommendation as a Broker and Realtor, and as a result, I would highly recommend BJ Martinez-Prillaman for consideration as your Broker and/or real estate professional.


Broker-Associate at ONE Sotheby's International Realty

BJ is a Powerhouse manager at ONE Sotheby's International Realty and unfortunately, I'm not under her supervision and guidance just yet. I am fortunate enough to see her work being on her email database and what she does for the many agents within the Fort Lauderdale office. Detail oriented, innovative in bringing the office together as a team, ahead of all the rest in many ways, and with a heartfelt passion that shows how much she cares for everyone's success within the office she manages. Any business lucky enough to have BJ, is surely one that will thrive.



Vice President, Broker at ONE Sotheby's International Realty

I have had the pleasure to know BJ for the past 7 years. In her role as the managing broker for our office, she has proven to be an extremely competent, great leader and also a genuine, warm, thoughtful and caring person. One cannot be a great leader without these qualities and BJ exemplifies them. It is a pleasure to work with her and I am very appreciative of her support and guidance. We are fortunate to have her leading our office.



Global Realtor® Consultant at Henri Frank Group - ONE | Sotheby's International Realty

BJ is an excellent Broker. She knows this business and is passionate about this business, her knowledge is excellent, she is always available to me and has coached me during the three years as my manager, making me a better Realtor.


Your Fort Lauderdale/ South Florida Real Estate Expert

"BJ" is the broker for the ONE Sotheby's International office in Ft. Lauderdale office that I am affiliated with.  She has been a very effective and inspiring leader in our office. She is very creative in communicating the resources of our brand ( both Sotheby's and ONE Sotheby's , our franchise brand in South Florida ) to the agents in our office.
Though we are each independent contractors, BJ has created a culture in our office where she takes a personal interest in the success of each agent, yet does not micro- manage.
The morale in our office has been very high since she assumed her role, and we have also grown our market share in Ft. Lauderdale under her leadership.
I look forward to many more successful years in real estate in the ONE Sotheby's office, with BJ at the helm.

Juan Carlos Zapata, MBA

Estate Agent at ONE Sotheby's International Realty

Bj Martinez is an exceptional leader, person, and Broker. Her leadership is a truly example of an outstanding professionalism for everyone who works under her wings, and for all colleagues working in the same field or other fields. One word that only describe her is "extraordinary". She always is looking for the well being of every single person in her surrounding. Her charismatic personality embrace all management levels with an enthusiastic way to reach the most difficult goals. She knows how to recognize the efforts from her employees and colleagues. Bj is also a giver, she is very active with different activities in her community and encourage everybody to participate in different types of charities and many non-profit organizations that help people in need.  
In terms of business, she is a person with the best management skills I have ever seen, her way to direct, guide, control, an manage such a great organization as One Sotheby's is exemplary, admirable, and respectable. Bj Martinez is an invaluable asset for every organization she is working with. I personally feel very lucky being under her leadership and guidance. She doesn't need a recommendation from anyone because her vast experience of conducting business and leadership speak for itself.